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Pathways2Life - Ryan Stringfield

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Ryan Stringfield, Executive Director of Pathways2Life , a model to invest in communities, families and individuals to educate, engage and equip youth using proven process of prevention, crisis intervention and support. Ryan devotes his time going into schools and churches to speak with the youth to help prevent the crisis of addiction that is taking over our young people today.

Ryan's personal experiences using and abusing alcohol and drugs as a teen, resulted in a 7 year battle with addiction. The path of reckless living he chose led him into lots of trouble. He eventually had a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ, and this discovery lead him into the life long journey of recovery and transformation. He has now come full circle and leverages his experiences and story to relate and engage this generation of youth. Pathways was initially birthed in 2007 as a support group, designed to create a safe, authentic and grace centered environment to relate and engage disconnected youth.

In 2010, our drug and alcohol prevention efforts began as we created Pathways DnA to educate youth and parents about the risks associated with teen substance abuse. Ryan's story, experiences, and skills in addiction counseling fuel him as he seeks to educate, engage and equip families to navigate challenges they face in today's society. He is happily married to Pamela and he considers her the most beautiful woman in the world and they have two sons, Josiah and Asa.