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The Cooper’s Story

Two years ago, we were preparing to send our daughter to the college she had dreamed of attending since she was a little girl. She had worked very hard to gain admission to this prestigious university. Although we had frequent conflicts with her during high school, we were hopeful that she would respond positively to the freedom college offered. 

The Graham’s Story

Today, our prodigal is a 21 years old full time college student, he’s recently moved back into our home and we enjoy a mostly loving respectful relationship with an adult man who is quickly maturing before our eyes. But that is not where the story of our prodigal begins.

The Calhoun’s Story

Our family was probably just like many you know or see at church. A beautiful girl, a handsome boy, and two loving parents. Had you seen us, you would have thought we were the All-American family. We did all the things we were supposed to do as “good parents”.

The Givens’ Story

On a Father’s Day a few years ago, our 22 year old daughter informed us that she was addicted to cocaine! While we knew something had been going on, we were nevertheless devastated of course….not “our” daughter, not after she had finished college and was “all grown up”, not after “all we had done” for her. 

The Topes’ Story

Our prodigal son had been a challenge from day one, but when he turned seventeen our real journey with a prodigal began. It was his junior year in High School, we had just moved to a new area and that’s when he was introduced into the “drug” scene. As he will tell you, it only took “one” time, and he was hooked. 

The Brocard’s Story

Why would we allow 2 strangers to come into your home in the middle of the night to remove your son from your home? On May 12, 1998, my wife and I hired two strangers to remove our son from our home in the middle of the night to place him in a structured wilderness program in the mountains of Utah.

"There Are No Mistakes" by Caitlin Stowell

In the fall of 2008 I believed in one thing: mistakes. My life was full of them. I was drinking in my closet at eight in the morning, lying to everyone, and eventually...

Lindsay Givens Futo’s Story

Lindsey wrote: "10 years ago today I was waking up on my first day of freedom because 10 years ago yesterday Jesus had mercy on me.