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The Prodigal: Moving Beyond the Cycle of the Love-Hate Relationship — Rick Petronella, PhD

Andy Knight

Relationships that become destructive with our Prodigal happen because we have allowed ourselves to saturate in bitterness, resentment and strong negative feelings intertwined with our Prodigal.  We get stuck in a pattern of trying to control out of fear instead of helping in love.  Why?  Because we have our own feelings of fear and resentment that keep us in a similar cycle.  So we must change the cycle. 


Dr. Rick Petronella, PhD
Having practiced as a consultant for 28 years, Dr. Rick Petronella has also been involved with corporate culture development for over 25 years. He has been a corporate consultant specializing in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching and organizational transformations in many corporations throughout the United States. He also works very closely with job analysis, Competency modeling and “Goodness of fit” studies. He is the president and founder of Compass Consulting and Affiliates, LLC.