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How We Got Started


The personal pain that John and Fair Brocard experienced as parents of a prodigal child birthed in them the desire to offer support to other hurting parents as well. To meet this need, they founded Prodigal Child Ministries in December 2004.

A prodigal child, simply stated, is a child regardless of age who has rebelled against biblical and family values. The hurt, rejection, lack of support and understanding in situations involving such struggling families led the Brocard’s to join forces with seven other hurting couples to form a Bible Study support group. The educational materials used to assist the couples in dealing with their prodigal children brought peace, freedom, hope, and a new understanding and purpose to the parents in the group. When the ten week course was complete, it was clear the group had gained beneficial insight that needed to be shared with other hurting families.

Since then, the Prodigal Bible Study has been made available to many other struggling parents with the same results, peace, freedom, hope, and purpose. It has become evident that through prayer, affirmation and the original Prodigal Bible Study Support Group, that a great need can be met by providing help on a regular basis to counsel and support these parents. Thus PCM came into being.