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Parenting Through the Storms of Addiction — Renee McCormick and Vickie Wallace

Andy Knight


Renee McCormick is the Director of Community Relations at The Extension in Marietta.  Renee will speak about “Parenting Through the Storms of Addiction” and what she has learned through her own experiences . For the last ten years she has dealt with her daughter’s addiction issues and she will share how this has affected her marriage, family and deepened her relationship with the Lord. She will offer insight, helpful tips and encouragement to those who are dealing with a loved one who has an addiction.

Vickie Wallace is a 53 year old recovering addict and alcoholic whose multi-decade struggle with substance abuse was finally halted because of The Extension.  She started her journey to sobriety a completely broken incarcerated woman. She has been sober for 17 months and is now managing a local restaurant and  serving as the property monitor at the Extension Women's campus. Vickie will relate how a spiritual approach to living saved her life.