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Nation Taken Hostage — Heather Hayes

Andy Knight


 Heather Hayes, a licensed counselor, educational consultant, international certified hostage negotiator, (Interventionist) equestrian, and a person in long time recovery.

Heather shares part of her own story of addiction and recovery and how she became and interventionist.

Heather Hayes utilizes her thirty plus years of experience as a Clinician, and sixteen years as a Hostage Negotiator and Psychological Profiler, to liken addiction to terrorism. By reviewing tactical protocol used in infamous hostage situations of the past; Hayes lays the framework that rhetorically encourages viewing addiction as a terrorist, and emphasizes the hard-hitting philosophy of “zero acceptable losses.” By providing solution based strategies, we turn our efforts from an ineffective offense, to a strategic, grass roots defense. With these methods, we can RESIST, and begin taking back our communities, one family system and human being at a time.

Heather was recently on the TV show “Intervention” as she worked with individuals in the “Triangle” of Atlanta to get them to accept the gift of treatment for this tough disease.