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Night of Hope — Dick Forbes, MA

Fair Brocard

Dick Forbes, MA. Is the director of the Cartersville Pastoral Counseling Center.  Dick will speak on “Parents of Estranged Adult Children”

One of the most painful things that a family can go through is for a child to become an adult and then disown and estrange themselves from their parents because of drug or alcohol abuse, or for any reason.  The results for estranged parent (parents) is devastation that is so severe, it affects almost every facet of their lives. 

We will examine some of the issues parents go through in estrangement, guilt, anger, bargaining, depression, shame, feelings of being judged as a bad parent, lacking parenting skills, etc…

Dick Forbes, MA, is Director of Cartersville Pastoral Counseling Center. He has been counseling families, couples and individuals for 30 years. His services include a wide variety of issues dealing with stress, trauma, depression, addiction, and marriage and family issues. His clients include a diverse population, which has given him a wealth of experience. Mr. Forbes also does corporate training regarding multiple issues including: stress management, coaching, team building, diversity, goal setting and multiple management issues, substance abuse in the workplace. Mr. Forbes works with the United States Military service members and their families. Mr. Forbes has a Masters degree in counseling from Western, located in Portland Oregon.