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Nation Taken Hostage — Heather Hayes

Andy Knight


 Heather Hayes, a licensed counselor, educational consultant, international certified hostage negotiator, (Interventionist) equestrian, and a person in long time recovery.

Heather shares part of her own story of addiction and recovery and how she became and interventionist.

Heather Hayes utilizes her thirty plus years of experience as a Clinician, and sixteen years as a Hostage Negotiator and Psychological Profiler, to liken addiction to terrorism. By reviewing tactical protocol used in infamous hostage situations of the past; Hayes lays the framework that rhetorically encourages viewing addiction as a terrorist, and emphasizes the hard-hitting philosophy of “zero acceptable losses.” By providing solution based strategies, we turn our efforts from an ineffective offense, to a strategic, grass roots defense. With these methods, we can RESIST, and begin taking back our communities, one family system and human being at a time.

Heather was recently on the TV show “Intervention” as she worked with individuals in the “Triangle” of Atlanta to get them to accept the gift of treatment for this tough disease.

Many Faces of Recovery — Missy Owens

Andy Knight


In this presentation you will hear from 4 people that are in long-term recovery or that support the recovery lifestyle. First, you will hear from Missy Owen. She is the co-founder and CEO of the Davis Direction Foundation. The loss of her son in 2014 set her upon the journey that is the Davis Direction Foundation. She is a mother of 4 other children. Missy is also a retired school counselor.

Next, you will hear from Jenny Walton. She is the Director of Operations at the Davis Direction Foundation. Jenny is a strong supporter of the recovery lifestyle. She has 2 sons that have struggled with the disease of addiction several years. She has been on staff with the Davis Direction Foundation since 2015.

Also, in this presentation you will hear from Barbi Harrison. She has been convicted multiple times as a drug felon. She has turned her life around and is now a recovery coach at The Zone, which helps people every day to leave their life of addiction behind. Barbi now has over a decade of time in recovery and uses her past to reach people from all walks of life.

Finally, you will hear from Justin Jackson. He is a single father of 2 young girls and 1 boy. Justin is also a veteran of the United States Navy. He has an extensive criminal background and history of selling many types of drugs. His last arrest allowed him time to get clean and he has been on staff at The Zone since it opened its doors. He has over 2 years clean now and uses his experience and knowledge to share his story and reach out to people who never thought it could be done.

Sober Mentoring Coaching — Bic Clark

Andy Knight

Bic Clark, CDAC, is a top notched addiction counselor, therapist and coach at Therapy Coaching and Consulting Network.


As a counselor, he has been instrumental in helping many people overcome obstacles to creating real change in behaviors and therefore their lives. He specializes in teaching recovery and relapse prevention techniques. His therapeutic style is warm, interactive and direct. He can help you learn effective emotional coping skills and restore balance to your life. He can offer assistance at any stage—from intervention to treatment to after-care and long-term recovery.

He has worked in the field of mental health as a peer counselor and coach since 2008. I have worked extensively with young adults and professionals. In addition to the above mentioned, he does addiction interventions, sober mentoring and coaching, sober transport, sober companionship, and psycho-educational lectures.

What to Expect in the First Year of Recovery — Laura Pugsley

Andy Knight


Laura Pugsley is the Director of Outpatient Services, Foundations Atlanta and Talbott Recovery at Dunwoody.

Laura Pugsley joined the Foundations Recovery Network team in April 2012 and brought with her nearly two decades of experience working in the social services field. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Laura relocated to the US and graduated from the University of Georgia with a BA in psychology, earning a master’s degree in professional counseling from Georgia State University. Prior to joining Foundations Atlanta, Laura worked at St. Jude’s Recovery Center for 14 years, spending five of those years as a clinical program manager. Her broad experience covered nearly every sector of the organization, including roles as case manager, health services coordinator, program coordinator and detox program clinical manager.

Laura officially became a licensed professional counselor in 2007. Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills, she also has extensive experience in providing direct services, leadership and supervision to treatment teams in a variety of substance abuse and mental health disciplines. Having worked in both non-profit and for-profit sectors, she brings a unique perspective to her work at Foundations Atlanta.

From Defendant to Defense Attorney — David Windecher

Andy Knight


David Windecher is a defense attorney in Atlanta, GA.  He represents clients facing major felony and misdemeanor charges. David will share his life story which he wrote in the book “The American Dream.” – the story in which he portrays the difficulty of obtaining the American dream as an impoverished minority.

David grew up in the streets of Miami, and was first arrested at age 11 for shoplifting, stealing out of desperation to feed his family. For the next seven years, David was involved in a criminal lifestyle racked with violence, drugs, and money. He later joined a gang and was arrested over 13 times.  Despite a life of crime, deep inside, David dreamed of becoming an attorney and fighting for justice for all. David’s faith in God and Love for his family were the catalyst for turning his life around.

David founded RED (Rehabilitation Enables Dreams, Inc.) which is a domestic non-profit organization to help administer rehabilitation for pre and post adjudication first time nonviolent offenders.

Natural and alternative treatment methods to addressing dysfunction of the brain. — Dr. Bob Montes

Andy Knight


Dr. Bob Montes offers both biblical and practical approaches that can help everyone improve their brain's function and manage stress in a healthy way, especially when dealing with a struggling son or daughter.

In 2013, Dr. Montes founded BrainFit and along with his staff, has worked hard to help individuals of all ages to overcome brain dysfunction in a safe, non-medical and effective way. Dr. Montes believes the core issues related to drug and alcohol use stem from irregularities deep inside brain.  Using a drug-free treatment module to help repair irregularities and restore efficient brain function, BrainFit strengthens the networks within brain and rebuilds lost neural connections through the use of technology. This technology reduces or eliminates many of the stress responses common in addictive behavior.

Dr. Bob Montes is a licensed psychologist and pastoral counselor who began his career working for The Willough at Naples, one of the country's top addiction treatment centers for alcohol, drugs, and eating disorders, in the 1990s. The Willough was frequently featured on the Geraldo Rivera talk show. Dr. Montes has continued to work with addictive disorders in his private practice, but after attaining his PhD in 1998 from the University of Akron (Ohio), he also began working with individuals with ADHD/learning disorders, anxiety, and depressive disorders.

The Parallel Process of Recovery, The best chance for success! — Lori Albert-Walker

Fair Brocard

Lori Albert-Walker, LCSW, will explore how dynamics develop in the family related to substance use and psychiatric disorders.   She will discuss the opportunities presented for all family members to receive education and support and establish their own parallel path of recovery.


Lori is currently working with Caron Treatment Centers as a Regional Resource Director for Caron Atlanta.  Lori was both the Clinical and Family Coordinator for Ridgeview Institute’s Young Adult Services over the past 25 years. She has a private practice at the Atlanta Center For Wellness in Sandy Springs.  Lori has a passion for helping families learn about Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders and how it relates to recovery.  

Pathways2Life - Ryan Stringfield

Fair Brocard


Ryan Stringfield, Executive Director of Pathways2Life , a model to invest in communities, families and individuals to educate, engage and equip youth using proven process of prevention, crisis intervention and support. Ryan devotes his time going into schools and churches to speak with the youth to help prevent the crisis of addiction that is taking over our young people today.

Ryan's personal experiences using and abusing alcohol and drugs as a teen, resulted in a 7 year battle with addiction. The path of reckless living he chose led him into lots of trouble. He eventually had a spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ, and this discovery lead him into the life long journey of recovery and transformation. He has now come full circle and leverages his experiences and story to relate and engage this generation of youth. Pathways was initially birthed in 2007 as a support group, designed to create a safe, authentic and grace centered environment to relate and engage disconnected youth.

In 2010, our drug and alcohol prevention efforts began as we created Pathways DnA to educate youth and parents about the risks associated with teen substance abuse. Ryan's story, experiences, and skills in addiction counseling fuel him as he seeks to educate, engage and equip families to navigate challenges they face in today's society. He is happily married to Pamela and he considers her the most beautiful woman in the world and they have two sons, Josiah and Asa.

The Prodigal: Moving Beyond the Cycle of the Love-Hate Relationship — Rick Petronella, PhD

Andy Knight

Relationships that become destructive with our Prodigal happen because we have allowed ourselves to saturate in bitterness, resentment and strong negative feelings intertwined with our Prodigal.  We get stuck in a pattern of trying to control out of fear instead of helping in love.  Why?  Because we have our own feelings of fear and resentment that keep us in a similar cycle.  So we must change the cycle. 


Dr. Rick Petronella, PhD
Having practiced as a consultant for 28 years, Dr. Rick Petronella has also been involved with corporate culture development for over 25 years. He has been a corporate consultant specializing in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching and organizational transformations in many corporations throughout the United States. He also works very closely with job analysis, Competency modeling and “Goodness of fit” studies. He is the president and founder of Compass Consulting and Affiliates, LLC.

Dying to Live — Tarek Khalil and 2 Recovery Mentors , Ross Garrett and Elric Moulton from The Launching Pad

Andy Knight

Tarek Khalil is the founder and Executive director of The Launching Pad, a Men’s Sober Living program in Decatur, GA.

Tarek will speak from his own experiences about “Dying to Live” – How to die before you die an addict death.  This will be about a God-centered approach to achieving permanent recovery from an addiction to any mind-altering substance.  How and why the Twelve Steps create the joy, meaning and purpose addicts once found in drugs and alcohol.

Ross and Elric share their personal story of recovery and what they do as Recovery Mentors at The Launding Pad

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  Tarek Khalil

Tarek Khalil

 Elric Moulton

Elric Moulton

 Ross Garrett 

Ross Garrett 

Parenting Through the Storms of Addiction — Renee McCormick and Vickie Wallace

Andy Knight


Renee McCormick is the Director of Community Relations at The Extension in Marietta.  Renee will speak about “Parenting Through the Storms of Addiction” and what she has learned through her own experiences . For the last ten years she has dealt with her daughter’s addiction issues and she will share how this has affected her marriage, family and deepened her relationship with the Lord. She will offer insight, helpful tips and encouragement to those who are dealing with a loved one who has an addiction.

Vickie Wallace is a 53 year old recovering addict and alcoholic whose multi-decade struggle with substance abuse was finally halted because of The Extension.  She started her journey to sobriety a completely broken incarcerated woman. She has been sober for 17 months and is now managing a local restaurant and  serving as the property monitor at the Extension Women's campus. Vickie will relate how a spiritual approach to living saved her life.

The Many faces of Shame and How it Affects Recovery — Dr. Susan Blank, MD

Andy Knight

Dr. Susan Blank, MD is the founder and chief Medical officer for the Atlanta Healing Center.  She is a well know psychiatrist in the Atlanta area and is president of the Georgia society of Addiction Medicine.

 Dr. Blank will speak on “The many faces of Shame and how it affects Recovery.” And also “Unresolved Grief associated with the Relapse of a Loved One” 

She will answer any questions you may have about Alcohol, Adderalls, and meds that our loved ones are taking that can be so dangerous.

Dr. Susan Blank can be heard nationwide every Tuesday on her weekly radio show “Detailing Addiction” on America’s Web Radio.

 Dr. Blank is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, she completed a residency in Psychiatry and Neurology at Sheppard Pratt Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  She received her training in Forensics at the University of Virginia, and her training in Addiction Medicine in Atlanta at the Talbott Recovery Campus.  She also completed a Fellowship and Advance Fellowship training in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.    

Dr. Blank is President of the Georgia Society of Addiction Medicine and serves on the Advisory Board of the Georgia Physician’s Health Program. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for The Georgia Council on Alcohol and Drugs and Let’s Be Clear Georgia.  Dr. Blank and Dr. Lori Karan co-authored the chapter on Tobacco and Nicotine Addiction for the ASAM Patient Criteria released in September 2013. Dr. Blank is a contributor to the ASIPP Guidelines, March 2017, and is a member of the Technical Expert Panel for PCPI Preventive Care guidelines for Tobacco Cessation, Influenza Immunizations and Alcohol Screening. 

She a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the American Board of Addiction Medicine and the American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.  She is a Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners, a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association,  a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and a Certified Medical Review Officer.

Can you be a Productive Person in Society, Family, and Marketplace? — John Bailey

Andy Knight

John Bailey has been in recovery from alcohol addiction for 38 years. He works with professional men and women, CEO’s, Doctor’s, Lawyer’s who have a desire to change their lives and get on a path of recovery.  Work closely with persons who have a desire to stay sober. Very active in AA and have help start Celebrate Recovery Programs at local churches in Texas and California, and Georgia over the last few years.

 Been a member of JFBC since 1990.

Class Director of the George B Wright Sunday School Class

Serves on the Deacon Board, 2018 is an off year.

Married to Betsy Lambert Bailey since 1995, Step Daughter Emily Workman, son in Law James Workman and grandson Billy (6 years old.

President and CEO of Dynamic Data Vaulting, Inc., a cloud data backup company serving customers throughout the United State and Canada. 

Hope in the Recovery Process

Andy Knight

Sue Hansen and son Zachary Hansen will speak about their journey with addiction, having HOPE in the recovery process. Zach will talk about where he was in the beginning, and where he is today with the AA- 12 steps. Sue will share about the importance of her own parent recovery version she did at Insight.  Sue will also talk about the Mustard Tree Foundation she has started to help support the addicts and drug addiction counselors of the Insight Program in GA. and NC.  To date, the Foundation has given  16 scholarships.

The Drugs of Choice Today — Officer Josh Liedke

Fair Brocard

Josh Liedke is a Marietta Police officer who will answer questions you have always wanted to ask a police officer about drugs if your kids are using.


  • Have you ever wanted to know what to do if you find drugs or drug paraphernalia in your home?
  • Also, what happens if your child is arrested for drugs or a DUI – First, Second and Third time?
  • Would a Police Officer come to my home to talk to my child to tell him the consequences if he were to get caught?

Journey to a Life of Purpose and Fulfillment — Daniel Krasner

Fair Brocard

Daniel was born in Atlanta, GA. and grew up in the East Cobb area with a loving family.  Life was normal until he was 14 yrs old and started to use drugs and alcohol.  For 4 ½ years his life spiraled out of control. At age 18, Daniel got sober and started a life of recovery in Mississippi.  Daniel will share his story and give HOPE to parents as you hear his Journey to a life of Purpose and fulfillment.

Daniel earned a bachelor of business administration in marketing with honors from Kennesaw State University.  He began his career at The Ranch at Dove Tree, rising to National Clinical Solutions Provider. Today, Daniel serves as Assistant Vice President of National Business Development for Summit BHC.

 In addition to serving as a respected resource to recovery communities throughout the country, Krasner earned his Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) certification in 2014. 

 Krasner also volunteers his time generously.  He serves as Vice President on the board at Kennesaw State University’s Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery. Daniel’s passion for education and recovery has led him to help universities create collegiate recovery programs. He speaks frequently on behalf of parent education groups, radio venues and drug courts.  Krasner leads recovery trips to Israel for young adults through Birthright. He serves as a founding and sustaining board member of Jewish Family & Career Center - HAMSA, Helping Atlantans Manage Substance Abuse

The Power of the Spiritual Life — Todd Stumbo

Fair Brocard

Todd Stumbo is a Humans Services Practitioner, a National and State Certified Addiction Counselor, Relapse Prevention Specialist, Certified Anger Management Specialist and Certified Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Instructor. He has over a decade of experience in addiction and currently the Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center, a short-term intensive residential facility in Ball Ground, GA that targets males and females ages 18 and up. Todd specializes in employee training and growth as well as program development and expansion.

Collegiate Recovery — Teresa Johnston and Caroline Benefield

Fair Brocard

The field of collegiate recovery has grown rapidly in the past 5 years to meet the demand of recovery in higher education. The number of schools with known recovery supports for their students has increased nearly ten-fold. Guest speaker Teresa Johnston, Founding Director of Kennesaw State University's Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery will share her experience regarding the establishment of the collegiate recovery community and program ten years ago.   KSU alumnus Caroline Benefield where share her experience as a young adult in recovery and how the CRC supported her recovery

Teresa Johnston is the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Executive Director of the Kennesaw State University Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery has provided leadership, innovation and support in the field of Collegiate Recovery and the substance use continuum of care for ten years. A graduate lecturer she teaches substance use seminar in the Wellstar College of Public Health and Human Services Masters of Social Work Program. Johnston is the founding director of the Center and under her leadership the CYAAR has grown to include recovery support services on the KSU campus, a thriving collegiate recovery program, along with education and research in addiction and recovery science. 

Caroline Benefield originally attended Kennesaw State in 2007, and swore she would never return after dropping out in 2008. However, thanks to the encouragement of friends who were a part of the CYAAR, Caroline returned to KSU in summer of 2014 as a person in long-term recovery and member of the Center. She graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Integrative Studies, concentrating in Sociology and Leadership. Caroline had the honor of representing KSU at various conferences, compiled and presented faculty-supported research, and most of all maintained her sobriety throughout her time at KSU. Caroline works as a full-time fundraising professional. When she is not fundraising or working with other alcoholics, she spends a large portion of her time volunteering as a member of the Junior League of Atlanta, a women’s small group leader at Buckhead Church, and serves as the Vice Chair of the Junior Board of the Georgia SPCA. In her down time, Caroline enjoys reading, crocheting, playing trivia with friends and going to yoga and barre classes.

Models of Addiction — Chuck Robinson

Fair Brocard

We each have our own definition for addiction, is it choice or a moral issue?  Has our family been plagued with a disease?  Did this have something to do with the way we raised our children i.e. our fault?  Is anyone or anything to blame for our plight?  Depending on the day and time, we each may vacillate between any of these definitions.  The position that Robinson takes is that it is “all the above”, and that through many vehicles, Christ offers a definition and solution for addiction.  Robinson will speak in three (3) languages, all English.  He speaks in the language of theology, then speaks clinically and in the language of recovery world.  Come hear his take on the models of addiction and help determine and mold your own definition or adhere to his.

chuck robinson.jpg

Chuck Robinson grew up in Oklahoma City, attending the University of Central Oklahoma, where he graduated with a Business Management degree in 1988 and a Masters of Arts in Substance Abuse Studies in 2012.  Having made a significant change in his life in 1982, Robinson found himself raising four sons, coaching sports, active in the business world, and a volunteer in his local church.  He felt a calling on his life to serve Jesus Christ in 1988.  Robinson continued his “tent making” as a local oil and gas business owner, while volunteering in the church by leading various missions groups, youth groups and Sunday school.  While attending Henderson Hills Baptist Church, located in Edmond, Oklahoma, he served on staff for eight (8) years as its first pastor of recovery.  Robinson is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Licensed Minister and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.  Today he works with Elements Behavioral Health, serving as the National Director of Christian Programming and Outreach, taking what has successfully been accomplished locally to the national level.  Robinson wrote his first book, published last year (2016) called ‘Loving the Addict in Your Pew, a roadmap for building a church-based recovery ministry.’  In April of this last year, the Robinson’s happily celebrated thirty four years of marriage.  Chuck and Vicky have four sons, Chad, Colby, Conner, and Teyon, and four beautiful grandchildren. 

No One Visits the Mother of a Drug Addict — Nancy Chalmers

Fair Brocard

It is the story of her family dealing with the addiction of their son, Andrew.  Her heart was broken during that struggle and by the lack of help for the families of addicts at the time.  She understands firsthand what they go through, so God asked her to write this story.

Andrew is now leading a ministry in Columbus called “Take the City” that is bringing unity to the believers in Christ, so that many more people can understand the saving and healing power of God.

Nancy was born in North Carolina to a hardworking middle class couple that provided a good home and she was led to faith in Christ at a young age. She was given Biblical training her entire youth. She was educated in the public schools and was afforded art and music lessons as well. Her family had a chance to travel to some great places, which exposed her to lovely new places and people which is something she enjoys to this day.

She graduated from the University of NC in Pembroke with a Bachelor of Science in housing and management.  Her profession is Interior Design and she has been working in that field almost 40 years.  Her most famous client was Evander Holyfield.  She helped him with his restaurant and music production office. Her other projects have included: churches, hotels, hospitals and many residential renovations and decorations.

She is married to Louis Chalmers and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Her family is very important to her and gives her great joy.  Many times if her work required her to miss too much of the family time, she would choose to work in her own business.  This gave her more control over her time with family. Her business of the last 8 years is called Niche by design, in Kennesaw, Ga. 

Nancy has served her church and community over the years in many small ways: Bible study leader; Sunday school teacher; choir member at church and in community; Must Ministries committee to raise money for their homeless shelter; and Special Olympic food service through Kiwanis. Over the last 5 years, her service has reached to the children of Haiti.  Her husband launched a nonprofit to provide for some orphans after the terrible earthquake of 2010 ravaged the country. So now, most of her service outside of church is towards these children.