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Can you be a Productive Person in Society, Family, and Marketplace? — John Bailey

Andy Knight

John Bailey has been in recovery from alcohol addiction for 38 years. He works with professional men and women, CEO’s, Doctor’s, Lawyer’s who have a desire to change their lives and get on a path of recovery.  Work closely with persons who have a desire to stay sober. Very active in AA and have help start Celebrate Recovery Programs at local churches in Texas and California, and Georgia over the last few years.

 Been a member of JFBC since 1990.

Class Director of the George B Wright Sunday School Class

Serves on the Deacon Board, 2018 is an off year.

Married to Betsy Lambert Bailey since 1995, Step Daughter Emily Workman, son in Law James Workman and grandson Billy (6 years old.

President and CEO of Dynamic Data Vaulting, Inc., a cloud data backup company serving customers throughout the United State and Canada. 

Hope in the Recovery Process

Andy Knight

Sue Hansen and son Zachary Hansen will speak about their journey with addiction, having HOPE in the recovery process. Zach will talk about where he was in the beginning, and where he is today with the AA- 12 steps. Sue will share about the importance of her own parent recovery version she did at Insight.  Sue will also talk about the Mustard Tree Foundation she has started to help support the addicts and drug addiction counselors of the Insight Program in GA. and NC.  To date, the Foundation has given  16 scholarships.

The Drugs of Choice Today — Officer Josh Liedke

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Josh Liedke is a Marietta Police officer who will answer questions you have always wanted to ask a police officer about drugs if your kids are using.


  • Have you ever wanted to know what to do if you find drugs or drug paraphernalia in your home?
  • Also, what happens if your child is arrested for drugs or a DUI – First, Second and Third time?
  • Would a Police Officer come to my home to talk to my child to tell him the consequences if he were to get caught?

Journey to a Life of Purpose and Fulfillment — Daniel Krasner

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Daniel was born in Atlanta, GA. and grew up in the East Cobb area with a loving family.  Life was normal until he was 14 yrs old and started to use drugs and alcohol.  For 4 ½ years his life spiraled out of control. At age 18, Daniel got sober and started a life of recovery in Mississippi.  Daniel will share his story and give HOPE to parents as you hear his Journey to a life of Purpose and fulfillment.

Daniel earned a bachelor of business administration in marketing with honors from Kennesaw State University.  He began his career at The Ranch at Dove Tree, rising to National Clinical Solutions Provider. Today, Daniel serves as Assistant Vice President of National Business Development for Summit BHC.

 In addition to serving as a respected resource to recovery communities throughout the country, Krasner earned his Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) certification in 2014. 

 Krasner also volunteers his time generously.  He serves as Vice President on the board at Kennesaw State University’s Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery. Daniel’s passion for education and recovery has led him to help universities create collegiate recovery programs. He speaks frequently on behalf of parent education groups, radio venues and drug courts.  Krasner leads recovery trips to Israel for young adults through Birthright. He serves as a founding and sustaining board member of Jewish Family & Career Center - HAMSA, Helping Atlantans Manage Substance Abuse

The Power of the Spiritual Life — Todd Stumbo

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Todd Stumbo is a Humans Services Practitioner, a National and State Certified Addiction Counselor, Relapse Prevention Specialist, Certified Anger Management Specialist and Certified Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Instructor. He has over a decade of experience in addiction and currently the Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center, a short-term intensive residential facility in Ball Ground, GA that targets males and females ages 18 and up. Todd specializes in employee training and growth as well as program development and expansion.

Collegiate Recovery — Teresa Johnston and Caroline Benefield

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The field of collegiate recovery has grown rapidly in the past 5 years to meet the demand of recovery in higher education. The number of schools with known recovery supports for their students has increased nearly ten-fold. Guest speaker Teresa Johnston, Founding Director of Kennesaw State University's Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery will share her experience regarding the establishment of the collegiate recovery community and program ten years ago.   KSU alumnus Caroline Benefield where share her experience as a young adult in recovery and how the CRC supported her recovery

Teresa Johnston is the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Executive Director of the Kennesaw State University Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery has provided leadership, innovation and support in the field of Collegiate Recovery and the substance use continuum of care for ten years. A graduate lecturer she teaches substance use seminar in the Wellstar College of Public Health and Human Services Masters of Social Work Program. Johnston is the founding director of the Center and under her leadership the CYAAR has grown to include recovery support services on the KSU campus, a thriving collegiate recovery program, along with education and research in addiction and recovery science. 

Caroline Benefield originally attended Kennesaw State in 2007, and swore she would never return after dropping out in 2008. However, thanks to the encouragement of friends who were a part of the CYAAR, Caroline returned to KSU in summer of 2014 as a person in long-term recovery and member of the Center. She graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Integrative Studies, concentrating in Sociology and Leadership. Caroline had the honor of representing KSU at various conferences, compiled and presented faculty-supported research, and most of all maintained her sobriety throughout her time at KSU. Caroline works as a full-time fundraising professional. When she is not fundraising or working with other alcoholics, she spends a large portion of her time volunteering as a member of the Junior League of Atlanta, a women’s small group leader at Buckhead Church, and serves as the Vice Chair of the Junior Board of the Georgia SPCA. In her down time, Caroline enjoys reading, crocheting, playing trivia with friends and going to yoga and barre classes.

Models of Addiction — Chuck Robinson

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We each have our own definition for addiction, is it choice or a moral issue?  Has our family been plagued with a disease?  Did this have something to do with the way we raised our children i.e. our fault?  Is anyone or anything to blame for our plight?  Depending on the day and time, we each may vacillate between any of these definitions.  The position that Robinson takes is that it is “all the above”, and that through many vehicles, Christ offers a definition and solution for addiction.  Robinson will speak in three (3) languages, all English.  He speaks in the language of theology, then speaks clinically and in the language of recovery world.  Come hear his take on the models of addiction and help determine and mold your own definition or adhere to his.

chuck robinson.jpg

Chuck Robinson grew up in Oklahoma City, attending the University of Central Oklahoma, where he graduated with a Business Management degree in 1988 and a Masters of Arts in Substance Abuse Studies in 2012.  Having made a significant change in his life in 1982, Robinson found himself raising four sons, coaching sports, active in the business world, and a volunteer in his local church.  He felt a calling on his life to serve Jesus Christ in 1988.  Robinson continued his “tent making” as a local oil and gas business owner, while volunteering in the church by leading various missions groups, youth groups and Sunday school.  While attending Henderson Hills Baptist Church, located in Edmond, Oklahoma, he served on staff for eight (8) years as its first pastor of recovery.  Robinson is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Licensed Minister and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.  Today he works with Elements Behavioral Health, serving as the National Director of Christian Programming and Outreach, taking what has successfully been accomplished locally to the national level.  Robinson wrote his first book, published last year (2016) called ‘Loving the Addict in Your Pew, a roadmap for building a church-based recovery ministry.’  In April of this last year, the Robinson’s happily celebrated thirty four years of marriage.  Chuck and Vicky have four sons, Chad, Colby, Conner, and Teyon, and four beautiful grandchildren. 

No One Visits the Mother of a Drug Addict — Nancy Chalmers

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It is the story of her family dealing with the addiction of their son, Andrew.  Her heart was broken during that struggle and by the lack of help for the families of addicts at the time.  She understands firsthand what they go through, so God asked her to write this story.

Andrew is now leading a ministry in Columbus called “Take the City” that is bringing unity to the believers in Christ, so that many more people can understand the saving and healing power of God.

Nancy was born in North Carolina to a hardworking middle class couple that provided a good home and she was led to faith in Christ at a young age. She was given Biblical training her entire youth. She was educated in the public schools and was afforded art and music lessons as well. Her family had a chance to travel to some great places, which exposed her to lovely new places and people which is something she enjoys to this day.

She graduated from the University of NC in Pembroke with a Bachelor of Science in housing and management.  Her profession is Interior Design and she has been working in that field almost 40 years.  Her most famous client was Evander Holyfield.  She helped him with his restaurant and music production office. Her other projects have included: churches, hotels, hospitals and many residential renovations and decorations.

She is married to Louis Chalmers and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Her family is very important to her and gives her great joy.  Many times if her work required her to miss too much of the family time, she would choose to work in her own business.  This gave her more control over her time with family. Her business of the last 8 years is called Niche by design, in Kennesaw, Ga. 

Nancy has served her church and community over the years in many small ways: Bible study leader; Sunday school teacher; choir member at church and in community; Must Ministries committee to raise money for their homeless shelter; and Special Olympic food service through Kiwanis. Over the last 5 years, her service has reached to the children of Haiti.  Her husband launched a nonprofit to provide for some orphans after the terrible earthquake of 2010 ravaged the country. So now, most of her service outside of church is towards these children. 

What are the Levels of Care for treatment? — Daniel Lettenberger-Klein

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Daniel will explain treatment care starting from Detoxto Outpatient care to Inpatient Treatment.

Daniel will discuss the levels of care from detox through outpatient care and what appropriate placement looks like. His goal is for all in attendance to have a thorough understanding of every level of care and to know where to turn when crisis presents. He will also speak to the importance and power of having family involvement.

Daniel Lettenberger-Klein, MS, LMFT, is Executive Director of RiverMend Health Center of Atlanta and Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center where he oversees all business operations, recovery programming and clinical processes related to patient care.

Daniel received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Bradley University and his Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University. He has worked in every level of substance abuse treatment as a substance abuse counselor, family therapist, Clinical Director and Executive Director.

In 2012, he started his own practice, offering individual, couple and family therapy with a specialization in addiction and trauma. He is trained to provide EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to help patients overcome trauma. A certified instructor for the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), he also trains employees at healthcare facilities to prevent, identify, diffuse and manage disruptive behavior and aggression.

Before joining RiverMend Health Center, he served as the executive and clinical director, and later regional director, for a detox center with locations in three states. In that role, he oversaw the clinical and admissions departments, worked closely with a multidisciplinary team to coordinate patient care, implemented performance improvement initiatives, ensured compliance with Joint Commission accreditation requirements and worked with leadership teams.

Drawn to help those with addictive disorders because of his own family’s history of addiction struggles, Daniel’s goals are to ensure the admission and patient engagement process is thorough and inviting and to make sure patients receive individualized, integrated care. He is committed to including families in the recovery process, allowing them to provide important support for their loved one and facilitate their own healing.

What Happens After Treatment? Hopes, Fears, Expectations & Realities — Dean Monteleone

Fair Brocard

When our loved ones return from treatment, it can invoke an array of emotions in us – some expected, some surprising. Navigating these diverse feelings can be both challenging and confusing. Join us for a lively discussion around some of the more common hopes, fears, expectations and realities of the early stages of recovery.

Dean Monteleone is serving as the Clinical Director for Caron Solutions outpatient program – the Atlanta regions’ longest freestanding Intensive Outpatient program for Adolescents and Young Adults.

Dean earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Chatham University and has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in PA since 2005.  Over the course of his career, Dean has worked directly with adults, adolescents and families affected by addiction, cancer, mental health issues and intellectual developmental disabilities as well as the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals struggling with their own self-care. He has had multiple roles within the addictions field for the last 18 years serving as Clinical Director, Clinical Supervisor, Primary Therapist, Interventionist as well as Adjunct Faculty at local universities. 

 Before joining the Caron team in April of 2012, Dean served as the Clinical Director for the DDT team, a program designed to support dually diagnosed patients & families and prior to that as the Clinical Director for the Admissions, Evaluation, Intervention and UR departments that served the Greater Pittsburgh and Eastern Ohio areas.

Dean was an instrumental part of the original Caron team that launched the My First Year of Recovery Aftercare Program. He provided assessment, consultation and monitoring services to patients and their families for up to four years following their discharge from primary treatment.

Legal Marijuana:  The next Big Tobacco? — Jeff Zinsmeister

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The legalization of marijuana by some states has had significant consequences for public health and safety, particularly with respect to kids.  The emerging marijuana industry is following the playbook of the large tobacco companies, targeting heavy users and youth.  Understand these new dynamics, as they are increasingly influencing young people’s habits surrounding this addictive substance.

Jeff Zinsmeister is the Executive Vice President of (SAM) in Washington, DC. Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a leading non-profit organization focused on drug policy.  


You Are Not Alone: Hope for Hurting Parents of Troubled Kids — Tom and Dena Yohe

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Tom and Dena are from Orlando, Florida and are co-founders of Hope For Hurting Parents,  a ministry to reach out and help parents struggling with their children. They have also written a curriculum for support groups to use.

Dena is the author of newly released book entitled "You Are Not Alone: Hope for Hurting Parents of Troubled Kids" These books will be available Thursday night. This is one of the best books I have ever read for Parents of Prodigals.

Tom and Dena will share their journey with their own daughter who struggled with addictions, self-injury and mental health issues. They will focus on what they have learned and what helped them cope over the past 12 years.

Topics will include grief and loss, guilt and shame, enabling, and how they guarded their marriage and the relationships with their other children. They also know the power of prayer and what we need most -Hope!

Relapse and the Family Relationships — Marsha Stone

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Marsha Stone is the CEO of BRC Recovery in Austin, TX and the Founder/ CEO of Spearhead Lodge, and extended care treatment facility for young adults.

Marsha will share her experience on Relapse and Family Relationships. Having worked in the treatment industry since 2009, almost exclusively with chronic relapses and young adults, Marsha is well versed in family dynamics and the role relapse plays in the journey to recovery. She will explore how parents and family members can play an active role in the healing process of the identified patient. Beyond the role of Alanon, parents and family members have an incredible opportunity to be active participants in the recovery of the loved one. Marsha will combine her own recovery story, along with her professional experience providing hope, insight and encouragement. 

Night of Hope — Dick Forbes, MA

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Dick Forbes, MA. Is the director of the Cartersville Pastoral Counseling Center.  Dick will speak on “Parents of Estranged Adult Children”

One of the most painful things that a family can go through is for a child to become an adult and then disown and estrange themselves from their parents because of drug or alcohol abuse, or for any reason.  The results for estranged parent (parents) is devastation that is so severe, it affects almost every facet of their lives. 

We will examine some of the issues parents go through in estrangement, guilt, anger, bargaining, depression, shame, feelings of being judged as a bad parent, lacking parenting skills, etc…

Dick Forbes, MA, is Director of Cartersville Pastoral Counseling Center. He has been counseling families, couples and individuals for 30 years. His services include a wide variety of issues dealing with stress, trauma, depression, addiction, and marriage and family issues. His clients include a diverse population, which has given him a wealth of experience. Mr. Forbes also does corporate training regarding multiple issues including: stress management, coaching, team building, diversity, goal setting and multiple management issues, substance abuse in the workplace. Mr. Forbes works with the United States Military service members and their families. Mr. Forbes has a Masters degree in counseling from Western, located in Portland Oregon. 

Panel of Prodigals

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These 4 young adults share their personal journey of addiction and recovery:

  • Jordan Gardner
  • Stephen Hankins
  • Joey Knapp
  • Nacho Vargus

The Emotional and Spiritual Recovery — Jennifer Angier

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A  veteran in the behavioral health field, Jennifer Angier has more than two decades of clinical experience. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Black Bear Lodge, a 115-bed integrated treatment residential program of Foundations Recovery Network located in north Georgia. She is a Level II National Certified Addictions Counselor and is Level II certified with the Georgia Addiction Counseling Association. A nationally recognized expert on addiction treatment techniques, she regularly speaks at national conferences, to paraprofessionals groups and in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), healthcare and collegiate programs.

During her career in addiction treatment, Jennifer has worked in administration, case management, crisis response and in private practice. Before accepting her current position, Jennifer served as executive director of Foundations Roswell’s Outpatient Program and program director of Talbott Recovery's Assessment Stabilization Unit.  She has also worked as a clinical outreach coordinator for a young adult program.

Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude, as well as, a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Mercer University, again graduating with honors.

Jennifer’s Talk -  Often, young adults and their families experience a broad range of difficulties in their efforts to treat their disease, even as they have reconciled to the idea of choice and have a desire to build a sustained recovery. 

As a result of this presentation, participants will come to view recovery as not merely a sterile interaction to elicit change, but as an emotional and spiritual experience that will empower the young adult and their families to dedicate their efforts to connect with their truth. This spiritual pathway leads the patients from their obstacles and struggles to solutions and a place of hope.

Another objective of this workshop will enable participants to understand the dynamics of early recovery and treatment.  Treating chemically dependent young adults can, at best, be described as challenging.  Even the most seasoned clinicians find themselves up against many obstacles with this population.  Unresolved biases toward the young adults can interfere with intervention at the most critical stage of their addiction. Biases include the ideas that "this behavior is normal at this age”, “they are spoiled and undisciplined”, that “treatment will be a luxury" and a common belief that the progression of the disease is “their choice”.  In this workshop, families will be challenged to look at ways that they may unwittingly participate in the enabling system that can keep a young adult in the throes of addiction.  Treating the young adult now rather than waiting is a hurdle families have to face at every turn. Ways to challenge "stories" that can interfere with getting the young adult into treatment will be discussed.

Testimony of Her Battle with Addiction, Abuse, and Living on the Streets — Allison Basham

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Allison Zito Basham, LPC will be sharing her testimony about her battle with addiction, both growing up in an alcoholic family and being an addict herself. Her story includes being a victim of sexual abuse, living on the streets, and being in treatment six times all before the age of 15. She believes her story of addiction and recovery is a testament to God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. Allison's mother, Ann will also join her to share her perspective of being a mother and parent of an addict in active addiction and recovery. Allison has been working in the addiction field for over 10 years both in residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and private practice. She uses her story and recovery to help adolescents, young adults, and families who have been impacted by substance abuse and/or addiction to find a way to recovery and faith.

Wholeness, Boundaries, and Compromises — Larry McKenna

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Pastor Larry McKenna is the Founder and CEO of The Jericho House. Larry also serves as the Senior Addictions Counselor, the Director of Ministry Training and Family Recovery classes, and the staff manager and trainer. Pastor McKenna has worked in ministry and in the field of addictions counseling and recovery for over twenty years. Before starting The Jericho House in 2009 and Waypoint Center in 2005, he served for seven years as Program Director at No Longer Bound in Cumming, Georgia, and he served on staff at Dunklin Memorial Christian Training Center in south Florida from 1995 to 1998.

Larry accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior in 1975, and is an ordained minister of the Gospel, earning his ordination from Calvary Chapel and Shiloh Youth Revival Center. Further education includes diplomas in Restoration Ministry Training and Addictions Training at Florida’s Net Training Institute, a Christian Counseling Center for Addiction Studies with a focus on the biological, social and spiritual aspects of addiction, and identification of the different roles of the family in addiction and support group facilitation. Larry is a Board Certified Christian Life Coach as well as a Certified Crisis Trauma Response Professional and Professional Interventionist. He is also a member of AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors).

Larry has traveled the country ministering to people in the inner cities of Atlanta, GA, Jacksonville, FL, South Lake Tahoe, NV, Eugene and Portland, OR, as well as many other Cities across the United States. He is also the grateful husband of 37 years to his beloved wife Vicki, and a proud father to his daughter

F-O-R-G-I-V-E-N — Matthew Euler

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Matthew is a son of the King, a healed, delivered and forgiven son of the Living God, a joint heir to the Throne of Grace with Jesus Christ!  This is an amazing thing for me to be able to say because I used to be a lot of other things; a drug addict, an alcoholic, a liar, a dead beat Dad, a cheating, scamming sorry excuse for what God created, but that all changed when I came into a personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.

I was raised in a good home with loving Christian parents; they gave me everything I needed and more.  I was a normal kid for most of my youth; I played sports, went to church and was active in several groups including FCA.  During the fall of my senior year in High School I had a major shoulder injury which not only ended my High School football career, but it also took away all of my college scholarship opportunities.  Shortly after the injury was the surgery and the subsequent prescription to oxycotin, a high powered opioid pain killer which rivals heroin.  Although I had been a social drinker in the past this was my first taste of drugs and would be the beginning of an addiction that would last over a decade.

The addiction took everything I had including my wife and son, who at one point I had not seen or spoken to in five years.  I am here to tell you that our God is in the restoration and renewal business, He is in the healing business, and HE IS IN THE MIRICLE BUISNESS.  I am so excited to share the testimony that the Lord has given me.  I believe my testimony will open a realm of possibility for all those who hear it.  If God will do it in my family’s life, He will do it in yours.

"and they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony" - Revelation 12:1


About Matthew Euler

Matthew is a son of the Living God.  He is a husband to Kinser Lee Usrey Euler and father to River Euler.  Matthew and his family currently live in Acworth, Georgia and attend Vineyard Community Church in Marietta.  He is employed at Eco-Tech Inc in Holly Springs.  Although Eco-Tech pays the bills his real job is sharing the Love of God everywhere he goes.  Included in these efforts was the formation of his ministry, “Hope Dealers Ministry. “  In his spare time, Matthew enjoys spending time with his family and their dog, Blue.  

Addiction in the Young Adult Years — Dr. Steven Lee

Fair Brocard

What is an addiction? What are the major Use disorders of Young Adults? How to distinguish a psychological problem caused by the addiction versus a Co-occurringDisorder? What can I do as a parent or caregiver and what should I not do that may make the addiction worse? Dr. Lee has over 30 years experience as a General Psychiatrist and Addictionologist. He currently holds the following leadership positions at Ridgeview Institute: Program Director, Adult Psychiatric Outpatient Services; Program Director, Young Adult Addiction Program; Program Director, Young Adult Psychiatric Program.